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Alfa Romeo 4C

4C Upgrades, Recaro's & Exhaust
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Sure Thing!  Be Happy to, I have sent an email with my contact info to you.
Hey Scott, thanks for posting your tips online. Could you contact me at to get more information? I'd like to put together a short write-up for our members who have 4C's.

Hello All,  We joined this Association this past May. Life has been crazy Busy this past few months based on some un foreseen and some know events. We , my Wife and I, will become more active soon as we are rapping up a couple of challenges.   As a Proud 4C owner who lives in this Meca of Nor-Cal, We (my wife and I) Love to Take Long weekends.  But in a 4C with Alfa Seats this proved to be a challenge. Maybe one Hour before it was time for a stop. The Stock seats are just plane uncomfortable. This solution, Recaro's.  This is an amazing Upgrade! 3-4 Hours, No Problem!  With the Great help of the Team at Griffin Motorwerks in Berkeley, who are the Recaro Seat Distributors for this area, Problem Solved. Thanks to Curly, the Shop Foreman, and his guys! This was a Project but So worth the End Result!
Next Issue with 4C's , in my opinion, with the Factory "Race Exhaust" is the Drone that is ever present at normal freeway speeds, say 65-75. So I bought a Full Capristo System through one of the Alfa Groups supporters, CT AutoWerks of Walnut Creek. They are a Capristo Dealer. After talking with both Colin and Torsten at CT AutoWerks.  I took a chance,, as I know of no one who has done this upgrade on  a 4C.
Torsten said that according to the Capristo People in Germany I have the First system in the USA.  The results are Better than I had wished for. Capristo systems are a Main Stay on Most Late Model Ferrari's in the US. The system is Programmable. Three options; Cruise Mode which is Full Mufflers, Sport Mode which starts Full Mufflers but opens based on how it is Programed and Full Open.  So in Cruise Mode, No Freeway Drone!  Problem Solved!  It gets better, In Sport Mode there is More Power. Way more Torque of a Corner and more top end too. Plus the Pipes now are Center Exit, which I think Improves the Look. I would be happy to meet up with any of the Groups Members or any of their friends if someone is interested in having a look.
Thanks for reading,  Scott Somers

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