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Kurt Delimon

I became the owner of a 69 1750 GTV in late 2013. I've always been a car guy, growing up I lived off Road and Track and Autoweek (back when it was in newspaper format).  My first car was a signal orange Porsche 914 which set me on the path of many German cars including a Jetta GLI followed by BMWs including a 535is, an M3.  My first vintage car is a 72 3.0cs which I've owned since '91 and restored after I moved to California in 2000. 
I've always loved Italian cars and I had been looking for a stepnose for a quite sometime when a very nice 69 GTV came my way and I jumped on it.  I've spent the last year or so bringing it back to the way it was originally doing a fair amount of the work myself but also taking advantage of the fantastic Alfa mechanics in the bay area. When I'm not wrenching on cars I work in the tech industry.

Alfas Owned:
1969 GTV 1750 (only one so far)
Other Interests/Hobbies
Old cars cars of any type
Watches new and vintage

Vice President

How did my obsession with Alfa Romeo start?  Two years ago, I saw a classified ad for a 1971 GTV 1750 in Salt Lake City in the ARA “Overheard Cams.”  After looking at photos and gathering all of the information I could, I flew to SLC from Oakland, bought the car and drove it home.  It had 25 year old tires and a very tired motor.  Was I crazy?  Six weeks later, driving home from “Biscotti and Cars”, the motor threw a rod just east of the Caldecott Tunnel and punched holes in both sides of the block.  Buying a new block, building the motor, upgrading the interior and chrome, and all of the other restoration work brought me in contact with many GREAT ARA members. Their help was immeasurable.  I was hooked!


Since the GTV is finished, I felt a need for another project.  I  recently bought a 1959 Giulietta Sprint Project car.  Body and paint are done, but it needs just about everything else, so this one could take a while!  Hopefully, you will see my beautiful blue Sprint in the wine tour later this year!


Enthusiasm for Alfa Romeo cars is truly infectious.  The Alfa Romeo Association  has a lot of members who enjoy participating in club events.  Monthly meetings at Ricky’s Sports Bar in San Leandro are entertaining, often with interesting guest speakers.  Events like the Malaya Collection, Keller Museum, Dennis Varni Collection, wine tours and driving tours draw a lot of members.  Please join our activities.  You will get hooked, just like I am!

Shawn Hanson



Scott Pinsky

Membership Director

An Alfa owner and enthusiast since the 80's, I am still only on my second Alfa--and second Spider! After a 28-year run with a 1982 Spider Veloce, I finally sold it to a collector in New York and bought my dream--a roundtail spider--for restoration a few years back.

A 3+ year project, my recreation of the '69 Spider 1750 was quite a journey, and now I at last have a completely restored car to enjoy. The story of my restoration is described in excruciating detail in several recent CAMS issues for those interested in the process.

ARA is my home for Alfa events and information exchange. The Club is a terrific resource for collectors and owners as well as a great place to hang out and enjoy our cars and the appreciation of la dolce vita, Italian style!

1969 Spider 1750 (USA)
1982 Spider Veloce
Other Italian:
1971 DeTomaso Pantera (now in Leno collection)
1971 Volvo P1800 (still counts as Italian cuz body is by Frua/Ghia!)
Other European:
Jaguar XJ13 recreation (RCR)

Sean O'Donoghue

Ex-officio and Administrator
I guess I have to blame my obsession with these cars on my father, Marty. I can remember an Alfa being in the family for as long as I can remember. Helping him work on his red 72' GTV was always a lot of fun for me (possibly frustrating for him!) and I remember learning how to drive stick between 14-15 years old on a 78' Spider, boy that car took a beating, but was literally bulletproof.
I've been a member of the organization pretty much since I was in high school and joined when I bought my first Alfa, an 81' GTV6 with a 3.0L engine built by Hans Milo in Atlanta. It had a Milano Platinum Transaxle with 160mph speedo that actually worked. High flow cats and power steering from a Milano, this thing was a rocket, but it was plagued with several areas of rust. And then the obsession really took off, see below:

Alfas Owned:
1969 1750 GTV
81' & 83' GTV6
71' & 88' Spider
91', 92' & 93' 164
Other Interests/Hobbies:
Very interest in old-railroad history/memorabilia. I spend a portion of my time running steam locomotives at a local park in the bay area. It is slightly less than half scale, 5" to the foot to be exact. Everything is scaled down almost exactly, except the engineers and folks riding.

J. Hutson Hart


Current club projects:
Leader - ARA Green Hills of Earth Tour
Monterey Car Week - ARA/AROC Concorso Italiano Field Coordinator
All Italian Car and Motorcycle Day - Event Advisor

Alfas Owned:
current - 1972 2000 GT Veloce [Euro] [white]
past - 1991 Spider

Michael Williams



Bob Goldberg



Laurie Delimon

Social Director