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I'm a returning member...and part of Concorso ...
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Pete, do you want us to include this in the magazine?
Hi Group,
been part of the club for a bunch of years, off and on but never far from Alfa's in general.  Good to be back, I just acquired another
Alfa..73' Berlina..I like boxes and back seats for cars ...yep, it's weird .
Anyway, as stated I been part of Concorso Italiano Volunteer Staff for many years.  Every year I recuit a cast of gearheads who
want a FREE TICKET to Concorso
It's by far the easiest Volunteer commitment there is
here's the scoop:
HELP HERD THE "Non Italian Car's into their area"...." Cobras, Porsches, MB's, BMW, anything French or strange...ETC.   
The time you would be "working" is from
Saturday, Aug. 19th 6:30 to  10:30 am.......that's it
he rest of the Day is yours to enjoy the show ....very easy......

Of course if your showing a car you don't need a ticket, but if you know someone who isn't and wants in contact me
Pete Vasquez

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