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Alfa Romeo 4C

4C Supension Upgrades
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Hello All!  As I have now owned and driven my 4C for 3 plus years, I have made some Mods (Improvements) to it. In Stock Form, with the Factory "Race" suspension, it has (had) some issues. The most noticable,  in my opinion, and most challenging was the "Tramlining" of the front end. Driving required Two hands on the Wheel at all times as the car would pull left or right with minor changes in the pavement. Even small rain groves would cause the front end to pull. The solution was two fold, change out the stock Pirelli tires to Michelin Pilot Super Sports (Plus One) And changeing out the front suspension Mounting Blocks. The mounting Blocks are what determines the Caster and Camber. I purchased a New set from Alfaworks UK. Along with the revised Blocks and an aligement, which is really setting the "Toe In", the differance is Truly Amazing. I can Now drive One handed when I am just crusing! I had the Guys at CT Autowerks in Walnut Creek do the Install. The Improvment exposed the weakness of the Rear end. So More research! The solution is to change out the Rear
A arm Bushings. The Factory Rubber ones are swapped for "Uniball" bushings. So back to the guys at CT. One more aligement and WOW another noticable improvement. The combanation of these Mods along with the Michelins transforms both the Driveability of the 4C and the Handling. Lastly, the Lower Rear Motor mount. In stock form it allows quite a bot of movement of the engine and trans. Seems the mounting bolt is a 12 mm bolt in a 19mm Hole. We added a spacer to "Fill" the hole plus a Coupler to tighten up the actuall "Flex" in the bushing. Great results. Much improved "Shifting" as the Play is gone and Better Power Transfer to the rear wheels. For a Modest investment, these Mods really Transform an Already Fine handling car into an Amazing handling car that is also less demanding to drive down the highway.

If any 4C owners are interested in more complete details, feel free to contact me directly.
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