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If you hold an appreciation or even better yet, a passion for Alfa Romeos large and small, old and new, this is the place and group of people for you. The Alfa Romeo Association (ARA) was founded in 1958 by a group of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts who loved their cars and drove them daily; this still applies to many of our current members and their associates. The ARA is based in Northern California, the United States, but we are proud to attract members from all over the globe who share the same passion for Alfa Romeos.

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1991 Alfa Romeo SZ Coupe?
Marco Marini

1991 Alfa Romeo SZ Coupe

This incredible example was a recent find that we have just imported. Originally sold in Europe, this SZ was purchased by a Japanese collector. We discovered it in Japan and just brought it to the US. 

The SZ has just over 30K original kilometer and is very good condition. 

A very original, low mileage SZ..

Very limited edition collectable Alfa, as only 1,036 SZ coupes were made. 

These V6 powered GT coupes were sold only in Europe. 

Created as a halo car for Alfa, overall performance/value ratio compared favorably with period Ferrari 348 model. 

Also known as Il Mostro in Italy, and revered as one of the most exotic Alfa Romeos produced in the modern age. 

Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.

Marco 650 743-2660

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