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1994 Alfa Romeo 164
Scott Blalock
Fabulous condition 164 LS. My wife and I purchased this car new and it has been garaged in San Francisco its entire life with only 60,400 miles. It has been serviced by Alfa Center during the past 20 years. The car needs nothing. Leather interior is 95% condition.  Driven mostly as a weekend car in San Francisco and  trips around California. There is one noticeable door ding and a fully functional driver-side corner light that needs to be replaced. A tab that secures it in the body work has broken. Everything is original including the wheels and stereo system. The exterior paint has the typical stone chips but otherwise is in 90%+ condition. Tires are very good and battery about four years old. Timing belt and serpentine accessory belt replaced Nov 2016. We owned a Milano 3.0L Verde and can say this car is way more refined and satisfying to drive.  This car will have you smiling on Hwy. 1.  Additional photos available upon request.  A lot of car for asking price of $8,500.  SOLD 6/9/17 (^_^)/   Our family will miss this car for awhile.
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