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1972 ALFA ROMEO 2-liter Engine - Complete/Redone
Marco Marini


1972 ALFA ROMEO 2-liter Engine - Complete/Redone


On offer is an early 1970’s Alfa Romeo 2-liter DOHC engine nicely refurbished and ready to install in your vintage Alfa or use as a museum display.


This was originally a Spica FI motor that was installed and running very strongly in a car that was assumed crashed and totaled.  We purchased it used from APE ( Alfa Parts Exchange) a few years ago.  Good compression and oil pressure, no issues.


Our intention was to use it as a display unit for our vintage Alfa showroom and possibly install in car at a later date.  So we went thru it, styled it up and mounted to display stand.  Lost showroom space, so no need for display any more.


Engine internals are sound with approx 40K miles.  Full exterior reconditioning including:

Cleaned and detailed.  

Block painted with silver engine enamel

Headers glass beaded and painted with header high heat paint

Valve cover powder coated red wrinkle, polished logo

Copper exhaust nuts, chrome intake nuts

Some parts chromed (valve cover bolts and oil cap)

Oil pan glass beaded and painted to match block with silver engine enamel.


This was originally a fuel injected unit, but now fitted with Dellorto DHLA 40’s - rebuilt units.

Intake and carburetors need to be re-mounted  with proper new gaskets (only temporarily mounted to motor).  Then will need carb adjustment and tuning as motor has not been run with this set-up.  


Also has new water pump and several new misc. sensors and items as shown.


Perfect for any Alfa restoration project … last of the “classic good looking” Alfa motors before smog and updates ruined the looks.


Engine number AR01500*04895* which corresponds to a 2l engine originally with a Spica and was fitted to the 1972-1974 Berlina, GTV & Spider. 


A sound 2-liter carburetted  Alfa DOHC motor, complete and needing only minor detailing to be ready to install.


Why waste time and spend a fortune rebuilding yours ?


Asking $4475 with engine stand.

Please call Marco - 650 743-2660 
email :

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