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Alfa Romeo Milano/GTV6/Alfetta

Dead battery? M Or starter
Thomas Sperow
Hi all, Thomas Sperow here....
I'm the one with the '79 Alfetta,
I was replaceing my motor mounts.... (Did not remove battery) big mistake. Well I arked on positive and negative poles of starter.... Untill I put it back together.....I have no turn over!! Lights work but no starter..... Any idea's??? Did I blow my starter? Battery?? Thanks T

Well, I ordered a new Solenoid, too see if that is my solution. Will keep you all posted! Lol I believe I'm writing to myself......
Thomas Sperow

Well I changed the starter...... But now I have no power.... Nothing. Had battery charged but still nothing I?! Will bring battery back to the store. But not sure which way to go.
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