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ARA GO-Kart Competition 2/22/2015

 | Published on 3/6/2015

ARA GO-Kart Competition 2/22/2015


On Sunday the 22nd of February, ARA hosted a Go-Kart competition at the GO-Kart Racer facility in Burlingame. We had a total of 17 drivers that attended with the race split into two groups so that there wasn’t too much congestion on the track. By 11:15, everyone was suited up (some with their own racing attire and helmets) and ready to watch the cheesy instruction video on the rules of the road. Everyone seemed to be enjoying light conversations, and then group 1 was called up and placed into their respective karts.


These karts were pretty quick; I watched a video online of one of these things clocking a speed, in a straight line [off-track], at over 50 mph! Our indoor speeds probably maxed out at about 35mph.


Both groups had to complete a qualifying session which lasted about 5 minutes. After that race was over, the driver with the fastest lap time was positioned first and everyone else was arranged on the starting grid according to their fastest lap time. This next race was 15 more minutes of racing on a fairly challenging course with multiple hairpin corners and an elevation change. By the time the last kart had crossed the finish line, we were all pretty tired. We were called to the awards area and the top 3 racers received medals as well as International Auto Parts (IAP) gift cards that they should receive shortly!


1st place: Ian Hacker

2nd place: Ed Lauber

3rd place: Gary Kuntz


We received quite a bit of positive feedback on this event, so we might just have to make this an annual event at the very least! ARA supplemented the normal cost of $44/per person down to $35/per person, so everyone who attended enjoyed a pretty substantial discount! Thanks everyone for coming out and enjoying some morning racing. It was also great to see a few Alfas parked outside when everyone was leaving.


Sean O’Donoghue